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World Government Institute Japan is a Japanese Branch of World Government Institute. World Government Institute was established in order to establish the World Government and is composed of branches in the world. Headquarters and President have not been decided yet. The branches are listed the Branch List. Basic thought of this institute is as follows.

The basic benefits from the World Government are as follows.
1. World Government can reduce or prevent the war and so the destruction by war is reduced or prevented.
2. World Government can reduce the military expenditure.
3. Fluctuation of exchange rate will be removed because the World Central Bank will issue the international common currency.
Thus, establishing the World Government is a political policy but at the same time it is the most effective economic policy. Especially, these benefits are important for developing countries.

The basic thought of this institute is written in "International Party for the World Government". The basic thought is to establish the international party in each country. The basic policy of party is to elect directly the representatives of each country in proportion to population and to send them to the World Parliament. International party in each country fights the election insisting its main policy on the World Government and, after getting power, it will conduct the election. Progress of world government movement in Japan is written in "World Government Movement in Japan". The latest information is written in the World Government Institute Forum of this site also.

Japanese Branch is publishing a journal Voice for World Government. The journal is being sent to world government related organizations in the world. Japanese Branch is inviting your opinions and articles. They will be published in the journal.

Process to Establish World Federation and World Government Is Shown in the Figure below.

World Government Institute Japan is cooperating with following organizations.

World Party

World Citizen Network

World Party Japan

World Party is an international party to establish the World Government. World Government Institute is so to speak a discussion and theory section. On the other hand, World Party is an action section of the world government movement. World Citizen Network is a network for individuals and organizations that support the establishment of World Federation and World Government. World Party Japan is a Japanese branch of World Party.

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