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Dear World Citizen,

I hope this article will find you are doing very well.  This time, I would like to write about my lifework.  My lifework is, in a word, the establishment of World Federation.  So far, I have done some works.  Most of them are published on my website.  Here, I would like to introduce three of them

One is

       Soul Federation

Second one is

       "World Citizen Manifesto"

And the third one is

       "Maturing Soul"

These articles are shown in

"Toshio Suzuki"

These three articles are put in blue frames.  Their basic contents are as follows.  Soul Federation is a book about 400 pages.  I started writing a book on the World Government.  But many ideas fell to my mind from heaven.  For example, idea that revises the theory of Einstein's relativity, or, true cause of global warming, or, inevitability of poverty in world, etc.  These ideas did not come from my brain.  They came from heaven.  They are quite unscientific.  But I cannot forget them.  So, I decided to write.

       As for second article "World Citizen Manifesto", the idea of this paper also fell from heaven.  The most important point of this paper is the mechanism of removing delegates to World Parliament.  For example, if the number of delegates of the World Parliament is five hundred, the number of five hundred delegates can be decreased to ten delegates.  These ten delegates can be the supreme authority in the world.

       The third article, "Maturing Soul", considers how our soul mature.  Our soul must mature before the war is eradicated.  The article considers the process of maturity of soul.  The article insists on the world-wide education in order to make mature soul.

       I do not know whether or not these three articles are closer to the truth as compared with other thoughts.  But I cannot forget these thoughts.  For me, these thoughts are the mission from God.

                                           Yours Sincerely
                                            Toshio Suzuki


World Government Institute – World Party – World Citizen Network



 拝啓 世界市民 様、



Soul Federation (魂の連邦)


World Citizen Manifesto (世界市民マニフェスト)


Maturing Soul 「成熟する魂」



これらの記事は青い枠で囲まれていて、基本的な内容は以下のとおりです。Soul Federationは約400ページの本ですが、この本を書き始めると、多くのアイデアが天国から私の頭に降って来ました。たとえば、アインシュタインの相対性理論を修正するアイデア、地球温暖化の真の原因、世界の貧困の必然性などです。これらのアイデアは私の脳から生まれたものではなく、天国から降って来ました。それらはかなり非科学的ですが、忘れることはできないので、紹介することにしました。








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