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  [7] A tool to present the WG agenda? 4 Care Do... Peter Jones 2003/Oct/25(Sat) 7:00

[7] A tool to present the WG agenda? 4 Care Do...
 Peter Jones  - 2003/Oct/25(Sat) 7:00 -

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I would like to present an idea whose time has surely come given the complexity of the problems the world faces.

Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model

The model provides a conceptual framework to map health and social care plus an enormous range of other problems upon four knowledge domains:

* Interpersonal;
* Sociological;
* Empirical;
* & Political (Autonomy).

Your organisation and visitors may find our two links pages of help, please see:

In health we are still trying to be holistic, combining the mind and body. Organisationally everyone is working to integrate health and social care, while balancing the demands on health workers amid policy emphasis on patient choice, raising the publics' expectations.

We need to model the issues above and recognise individual rights, concordance in treatment, not just compliance. Alternately though the responsibilities of being a citizen must be reinforced in education, the cost to all of needs fulfilled for the few.

Problem solving in the 21st C. also requires the ability to relate the micro to the macro, essential in understanding the subtle relationships between individual health, ecosystem health and the global environment.

Tools such as HodgesEHealth Career - Care Domains - Model are urgently needed. Hodges' model is not a panacea, but it aids dialogue, facilitates understanding, engenders co-operation and progress. How many ideas can do this?

Thank you for your interest.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Jones
Team Leader & h2cm webmaster/Contributor

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