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  [5] Signature for World Peace Suzuki 2003/Jan/18(Sat) 15:37

@@ [9] Re:Signature for World Peace Toshio Suzuki 2004/Feb/14(Sat) 10:28

[9] Re:Signature for World Peace
 Toshio Suzuki  - 2004/Feb/14(Sat) 10:28 -

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   Dear Friends,

From 8 February 2004, World Citizen Network had started a project for collecting signature for world peace.   Director is Mr. Yoshiyuki Shiratsuchi, Japan.   Web site is
World Citizen Network.
Please visit and give signature.   Mr. Shiratsuchi had been conducting signature collection privately.   But, he started it as a part of The Network.

                                                                           Yours sincerely,
                                                                           Toshio Suzuki

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