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  [3] From World Government Institute Pakistan Toshio Suzuki 2002/Nov/24(Sun) 18:29

[3] From World Government Institute Pakistan
 Toshio Suzuki  - 2002/Nov/24(Sun) 18:29 -

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   The below is a mail from Mr. Waheed Ahmad, World Government Institute Pakistan and World Party Pakistan.

                                                                        Toshio Suzuki

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********************** The below is the Mail from Mr. Waheed Ahmad

National Seminar on Child Labour and the Role of Trade Unions on 19th
November,2002 at Lahore Pakistan.

On the occasion of the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse A national Seminar was organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of World Asian Workers Organisation (WAWO) on 19th November, 2002 at Community Girls High School Lahore Pakistan.

The seminar was attended a large number of Trade Union Leaders including 5o women from Community Development Organisation.   The Parents of the working Children who are getting Free Education also attended the seminar.

While addressing the Seminar The Founder Secretary General of Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) andCommunity Development Organisation (REGD)Haji Muhammad Saeed said that according to ILO survey some 250 million children are presently economically active in the World out of this more than 95 percent live in the Developing Countries.   The mostly children are involved in Agricultural and Domestic Labour, the Sex Industry, the carpet and textile Industries and Quarrying and brick making.   He said that Children face discrimination because of the color of their skin, Discrimination is a denial of that which we believe to be self-evident that children are born free and equal in dignity and right.   The children who suffer discrimination have no choice but we do we can teach our children to be tolerated and live without fear or hate or prejudice.   Haji Muhammad Saeed appreciated the efforts and struggle of the Women's World Summit Foundation (WWSF) for the elimination of Child Labour from the society on Global level.

He said that in many countries children lack either the legal standing, or the means to protect themselves from cruelty and exploitation in the work place..   He also said that the Trade Unions do not press for elimination of Forced Child Labour because of the Employer attitude are totally negative on this issue.   He demanded the Government that suitable measures may be taken to safeguard the interest and welfare of Children.

Mr. Shahid Khan Vice President Fight Against Poverty and World Asian Workers Organisation (WAWO) said that we act by ensuring every child the freedom and dignity he or she deserves, we must leave no child out.   He said that every child has the right to grow up in a safe and better environment, but the children all over the world are being harmed every day.   He appreciated the Community Development Organisation, Pakistan Labour Federation for providing Free Education to the 55 Working Children and announce his full cooperation.

Mr. Waheed Ahmad Advocate Legal and Coordination Secretary World Asian Workers Organisation (WAWO) and Assistant Secretary UNIAPRO Youth Committee for Pakistan said that the child Labour is among the most universally condemned of all human rights abuses, despite this it is increasing day by day in all over the World.   He said that the main cause of this is the Unemployment.   He said that in recent years the ILO passed a Resolution in ILC June 1999 for the elimination of forced Child Labour he said that all Governments in Developing Countries must be ratified this Convention.

Ms Rizwana Yasmeen Advocate Secretary General All Pakistan Women Employees Welfare Association (REGD)said that we never forget that children are the Adults and Leaders of tomorrow .We support them, and to give them the opportunity to Free Education.   She told the participants about the Report of Activities of the Free Educational Institution from March 1999 to date.   She told that participants that we our working practically for the elimination of Child Labour from the Society and she paid tribute to Mr Pete A Newns President WAWO for his support she also appreciate the Assistance of Mr. Shaid Khan Vice President Fight Against Poverty.

Mrs Robania Hana Butt President PLF Women Wing Lahore Mrs Naila Tabsum Secretary Women Wing and Munwar Sltana Organiser said that it is equally important to enable children to protect and improve their own health.   They said that children living in extreme poverty often find themselves unable to go to school and they are working full time under dangerous, exploitative
conditions just to survive.

Muahmamd Yousaf Malik Chief Organiser, Syed Riaz Hussain Shah Add Secretary General and Molvi Muhammad Aslam President said that we must fight to eradicate child poverty, because no child should come in the World only to find all the doors already closed.   They said that wee must fight because only by investing in children can we break the cycle of poverty.   Mr .AftabAlam, Muhammad Raheel and Mr. Muhammad Rauf also addressed the Seminar.

(Haji Muhammad Saeed)
Founder/Secretary General
Fax # 0092-42-6844293

NOTE: I shall be most grateful if you could kindly include our Name in to your mailing List .
Address: 2/136- A Aman Park Baghbanpura Lahore

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