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  [2] Imitation of World Government Institute Toshio Suzuki 2002/Nov/9(Sat) 12:38

[2] Imitation of World Government Institute
 Toshio Suzuki  - 2002/Nov/9(Sat) 12:38 -

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   There is an imitation of World Government Institute. It is

"World Government Institute, World Law, World Citizenship"

This site is administered by Mr. Garry Davis.
When I opened my site "World Government Institute" in May 1997, Mr. Davis gave me an E-mail

Thu, 1 May 1997
Subject: New Site

Thank you for your information.
And congratulations on your initiative. I will certainly check out your site and get back to you with my comment.
Best regards, Garry Davis

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Thus he knew my homepage at that time. After that, he imitated the World Government Institute. "Hague Appeal for Peace 1999" were held in May 1999 at the Hague in Netherlands. There, Mr. Davis opened a booth of World Government Institute and held 2 sessions of World Government Institute. And now, he is administering the site above. At the conference center of the Hague, I told him "You imitated my idea. It's no good." Then he said, "I have been doing this work for 50 years. Did you copyright?" There are good names like "World Federation Institute," or "World Citizen Institute." He needs not imitate.
He was imprisoned for several times due to eccentric movements. Thus I knew his character and was disappointed. He is a mentally sick person. I hope there will be no trouble in the future. I do not want to write things like this. But I must write to avoid the troubles in the future.

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