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  [13] Annual Report of our movements Suzuki 2005/Jan/17(Mon) 11:47

[13] Annual Report of our movements
 Suzuki  - 2005/Jan/17(Mon) 11:47 -

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   Annual Report of World Government Institute,
World Party, and World Citizen Network

        Dear Friends,

        This is a report of annual movement of World Government Institute, World Party, and World Citizen Network.

        This time, there is good news for us.   There was a donation for us in January 2005.
2,000 Yen for World Government Institute Japan
2,000 Yen for World Party Japan
1 dollar is about 104 Yen.
Please see
We will keep this fund for election.   Our member can use this fund for election in the future.   Donator hoped the anonymity.   So his name is not disclosed here.   But let me introduce his last mail.

************* The below is his mail.

Thank you for a mail.
I am very sorry but I would like you not to disclose my name.
I pay my respects to Mr. Suzuki's persevering effort.
I will pay attention to you.

************* The above is his mail.

As shown by this case, if we get the confidence of people, people will donate fund for election and support our candidates.   Let me write three principles necessary to get the confidence.
1.   The first priority is the benefits of world as a whole or the society as a whole.   The benefits of us or party come later than that.
2.   We must not tell a lie with regard to the policy of World Party.
3.   There must not be corruption in the World Party.   We must be strict with regard to fund.
At present, World Party has no fund to send candidates to the election.   I am writing a Japanese version of "Voice for World Government - 2003" and a book in English which verifies the benefits of World Government.   Japanese version is mostly completed.   As for the book, I have already written about 250 pages.   It is about 80%.   Annual report will be sent to some branches without internet facility by air mail.

Mr. Yoshitaka Uno (Japan) has web sites.   Let me introduce them.
Mazu Minzoku Kyodotai wo

Last year, following branches were founded and members joined.

World Government Institute

15 May: World Government Institute Mexico was founded.
24 June: World Government Institute Andorra was founded.
World Party

15 May: World Party Mexico was founded.
24 June: World Party Andorra was founded.
World Citizen Network

8 February: .Signature collection for world peace has been started.   The web site is "World Citizen Network" and the director is Mr. Yoshiyuki Shiratsuchi, Japan.
15 May: World Party Mexico joined.
24 June: World Party Andorra joined.
1 July: The web site for signature collection "World Citizen Network" has been changed into "Peace Sign Net"   This is a site of a Japanese member.
        At the time on 31 December 2004, branches of World Government Institute were 35, branches of World Party were 34, and members of World Citizen Network were 42 organizations and 2 individuals.

                                                                           Yours sincerely,
                                                                           Toshio Suzuki

World Government Institute, World Party, & World Citizen Network
Institute, Party, and Network to establish the World Government
mail: wg!

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